"For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ." (1 Cor. 3:11)

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"If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me." (Luke 9:23)

Bible Views Articles

These are concise articles on many Bible Truths.

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Christian Evidences and the Bible

Christian Evidence for God's Revelation A book size article.

Early Non-Christian Witnesses to Jesus Christ

Results of Christ's Signs

The Word of God by J. C. Wenger

Christ's Word A good overview of scripture by J. C. Wenger

The Early Written Word

The Authority of Scripture by J. C. Wenger

The Meaning of Scripture by J. C. Wenger

Inspiration of Scripture by J. C. Wenger

Is the Bible Trustworthy? by J. C. Wenger

The Bible Is Reliable by Harold S. Martin

Biblical Revelation and Inspiration by Harold S. Bender

New Testament Finality by J. C. Wenger, with quotations from early Anabaptists leaders

The Structure of New Testament Revelation by C. K. Lehman.

The Savior or the Scriptures? Seeking a proper balance. by Richard Hollerman.

Scriptures on Doctrine

The Authority of Scripture by Leland M. Haines This study is now available in book form. See Books

1. Christ and the Word

2. The Apostles and the Written Word

3. Christ's View of Scripture

4. Evidence the Bible Is God's Revelation

5. Trustworthiness of Scripture

6. Translation of God's Word A Greek Text-types and textual criticism study.

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7. Principles of Interpretation

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Jesus Christ, Our Redeemer and Teacher; God's Grace Leads to Salvation and Discipleship.
This presents the central teaching of the Bible, and one that was also the central theme of the Anabaptist-Mennonites.

Ch. 1. God's Grace Overcomes Sin

Ch. 2. Jesus Brought Redemption

Ch. 3. Jesus Explains Through the Apostles

Ch. 4 and 5. God's Will for the Christian, and His Word; Come and Follow

Jesus Christ: Our Redeemer and Teacher This is a single page version of above.

God Created Man in His Image, and the Fall

The Nature of Sin by J. C. Wenger

The Birth of the Redeemer

Jesus' Preparations

Jesus' Ministry

The Meaning of Christ's First Coming by Harold S. Martin

Good Friday: What a Day It Was! by Geo. R. Brunk II

God's Wonderful Plan of Salvation Vlad Petrusevich

Christ's Substitutional Suffering without Punishment by John Miley, from The Atonement in Christ, © 1879

The Governmental Theory by J. Kenneth Grider

Whose Place on Calvary? by James A. Goering

The Resurrection

Redemption Interpreted

Hope from My Bible by J. Otis Yoder

Seven Steps to Salvation by J. Otis Yoder

God's Grace Leads to Disciplship, an overall view of redemption through Christ.




The New Birth

The Relation of Repentance, Faith, and the New Birth

The Strait Gate and Narrow Way by Gladwin Koehn

Early Christians, the Law and Legalism

Obedience Versus Legalism by Simon Schrock

Union of Believers with Christ

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Latter Day Events

The Completion of Redemption, a major study of end-times prophecy. 144KB

Sub-topics of the above study:

The Second Coming

The Christian and the Tribulation

The Temple Rebuilt

The Tribulation Period in Revelation

Preaching the Gospel and the Kingdom

The Wars of the Beast

The Marriage Feast

The Gathering of the Nations Against Jerusalem

The Thousand-Year Reign

The Final Judgment; don't by pass this basic truth.

When Is the Second Coming? Be Prepared. Come.

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Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit by C. K. Lehman (a short article)

The Baptism and Filling of the Holy Spirit by John. L. Stauffer

The Holy Spirit and The Holy Life by C. K. Lehman. The Lord willing, this book will be reprinted soon.

Ch. 2. First Encounters of the Holy Spirit of God with Man

Ch. 3. The Holy Spirit in Christ: Promise and Fulfillment

Ch. 4. Jesus' Teachings on The Holy Spirit and The Holy Life

Ch. 5. The Baptism with the Holy Spirit: Promise and Fulfillment

Ch. 6. The Way of Holiness According to the Epistles

Ch. 8. Unto a Holy Life

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Baptism by J. C. Wenger

Water Baptism by C. K. Lehman

Water Baptism Mode

Baptism: Its Importance and Mode by J. Kenneth Grider

Baptismal Message by Joni Schrock

A Letter on Baptism by Sherry Jones

The Lord's Supper by J. C. Wenger

Feet Washing (John 13) by J. C. Wenger

Who Washes Whose Feet by Geo. R. Brunk, II

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Security, etc.

Obedience as a Condition of Assurance

Assurance and Confidence by J. C. Wenger

Security and Apostasy

The Eternal Security Teaching by J. L. Stauffer.

The Possibility of Falling from Grace, a Silver Lining article.

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Romans 7

Five Points -- a Biblical perspective on Depravity, Election, Atonement, Grace, and Security.

Divine sovereignty and human freedom by W. T. Purkiser, R. S. Taylor, and W. H. Taylor.

On God's sovereignty


Free Will by J. C. Wenger


Immutability Of God by J. C. Wenger, and others.

Arminianism Clarified by George R. Brunk, Sr.

Arminianism ... Calvinism? WHICH? by Roger Berry

Openness of the Call by W. T. Purkiser, R. S. Taylor, and W. H. Taylor.

Toward a View of Natural Evil by J. Kenneth Grider.

God's Initiative and Man's Response by W. T. Purkiser, R. S. Taylor, and W. H. Taylor.

Human Freedom by J. Kenneth Grider.

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Biblical Theology - Old Testament by C. K. Lehman

1. Nature and Method of Biblical Theology

2. God's Revelation in the Creation and in the Fall of Man

3. Course of History to the Revelation Through Abraham

4. God's Revelation Through the Patriarches

5. Revelation in the Era of Moses

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Biblical Concept of the Church, is a book and a major Bible study.
This study is now available in book form. See Books

1. "My Church"

2. A Believer's Church

3. Church Authority

4. New Testament Organization

5. Church Function And Mission

The following three articles come from the above book.

Sunday, The Day of Worship

A Cappella Singing

Separate Church Seating Arrangement

Why Women Should Not Be Pastors by Brian Allison

Self-Discipline by Willis Ehnle

Assemple Much More by Warren Wm. Coles

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The Christian Life

A Life of Discipleship


Separate Church Seating Arrangement

God's Will for the Christian

The Transformed Disciple: Romans 12:1, 2 by J. C. Wenger

Characteristics of Kingdom Members by J. C. Wenger

Shall Christians Keep Kingdom Ethics? by J. C. Wenger

Live Like Saints, and not like the world

Apostolic Teachings on Separation by J. C. Wenger

Be Ye Separate from The Silver Lining

Positive and Negative Commands

Know your Bible: Neglected, Rejected, Forgotten Truths

Challenge Your Own Convictions by Simon Schrock

Separation of Church and State by Joseph O. Weaver

The Principle of Nonresistance by John Horsch

Pacifism and Biblical Nonresistance by J. C. Wenger

Nonresistant and Nonpolitical by J. C. Wenger

The Christian's Duty to Government by Jacob L. Kreider

Church and State Issues Relating to Jury Duty by Southeastern Mennonite Conference

Pro-Choice Slogans are Deceiving by Simon Schrock

Statement on Homosexuality

The Christian and His Speech by J. C. Wenger

Strife by Robbert Veen

The Christian's Appearance

On Dress: women-men differences in dress from the World by Joy Slaughter

Christianity and Dress by J. C. Wenger (This booklet presents a 1943 moderate view.)

Worldly Conformity in Dress by John Horsch (1926 booklet presents the case for dress standards.)

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage by J. C. Wenger

Statement of Position on Divorce and Remarriage by Southeastern Mennonite Conference

Relating to the Divorced and Remarried by Southeastern Mennonite Conference

On Caesar and Feminism by Warren Cole

Marriage and the Wedding Ring by Aaron M. Shank

The Woman's Role in the Plain of God, a tract.

The Christian Veiling

Pilgrim Separation by Warren William Coles

Stumbling Blocks by an Elder of the Apostolic Christian Church

Judging Without Condemning by Lamar Garman

Pro-Choice Slogans are Deceiving by Simon Schrock

On Gambling and Lotteries by Southeastern Mennonite Conference

Statement on the Use of Video by Southeastern Mennonite Conference

In Essentials, Unity. In Non-essentials, Liberty

The Joys and Sorrows of Growing Older by Harold S. Martin

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Other topics

Our Christ Centered Faith, by J. C. Wenger

The Anabaptist Vision, by Harold S. Bender

Anabaptists: Separate By Choice, Marginal By Force, by Elizabeth Scott

A Statement on Peace, War, and Military Service, 1937, by the Mennonite Chuurch

A Declaration with Repect to Peace, War, and Nonresistance, 1951, by the Mennonite Chuurch

A Statement on Industrial Relations, 1941, by the Mennonite Chuurch

A Statement on Christian Community Relation, 1951, by the Mennonite Chuurch

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Bible Studies

Romans Study Questions

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Short Commentaries

Genesis 15, God's Covenant with Abram and Christ's death

Habakkuk 2:4, The just shall live by his faith.

Matthew 1:16, "Jacob begot Joseph, the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, the one called Christ" by R. C. H Lenski

Matthew 3:11, "with fire"

Matthew 7:24-27, Building on Rock and Sand

John 10:22, Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah) by Phil Haines

Acts 13:48, Belief, then Eternal Life

Romans 8:28-31, God's Chain of Salvation by J. C. Wenger

Romans 8:28-31, God Prepares for the Saints . . . by Marcus Lind

Romans 9-11, The Jewish People

Romans 12:2, Interpretation of Romans 12:2 by R. C. H. Lenski, a Lutheran

II Corinthians 5:21, Christ "made to be sin"

Galatians 3:28, "neither male nor female" by Marcus Lind

I Timothy 2:15, "She is saved through childbearing" by Richard Polcyn

I Timothy 3:2, 9, "Husband of one wife"

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